I’ve Moved!

Hello all! Thank you for finding me here! I just wanted to give a quick update that I’ve moved!

In order to open up a shop and keep moving forward with this project, I have created a full website. Check it out for all of my old blog posts, and my new shop.

The new website it: northernlightswitch.org


State of the Moon: New Moon April 7

State of the moon

This new moon is apparently a super moon. I’m not sure what that means – usually, a super moon appears to be 15-30% larger in the sky, but if it’s a new moon we won’t see that effect.

Suffice to say, the energy of the moon will be amplified.

This is a very fiery week for the stars – planets are moving into Aries, Taurus, AND Sagittarius. This fire is tempered by the energy of the upcoming new moon, a very introspective, dark, and possibly secretive energy. Now is the perfect time to do some serious thinking and planning.

This has been a powerful year. You might be feeling especially drained from the recent eclipses (I know I’m feeling the aftershocks). A new moon is a great time for introspection, for working out the lessons in the drama. This new moon continues to build on the theme of transformation, though this moon is all about taking the things you have learned and putting them in order.

Looking forward to later in the month, Mars will be going retrograde. This means that some of the things related to your career, to the public sphere in your life, to your fight will be less clear. Muddled. Mars will be retrograde from April 17 – June 29, which means that it will be very difficult to get things started in this time. Now is the time for initiative. We need to use this new moon energy to take stock of the situation, to understand these beginnings and what will nourish them moving forward.

Let’s dig deeper into the planetary alignments.

Tuesday had both the moon and Venus enter Aries. The presence of Venus suggests that love and relationships are entering the forefront. That we need to infuse what we’re doing, what we’re creating, with love. Don’t push forward with all of that impatient Aries energy unless it’s something you’re ready and willing to commit to. I think this also adds a bit of follow-through to the energy floating around now – make sure that whatever it is you’re falling in love with now, it’s something you want to continue to engage with in your life. You’re making a commitment. Make sure it’s a good one.

This new moon also features a trine with Saggittarius, perfect for setting long-term habits for success. And you want to be really deliberate about how you use this energy; again, we want to set up long term habits that nourish us, not deplete us.

One of the things I love about the new moons in particular is the sense of a pause. A pause from the cycle. A pause from the light. A time to explore the complexities and the hidden meanings beneath your journey. It’s a time of cleansing, of resting.

And this time around, resting feels just as powerful as movement. Resting is what we need. There is energy in this pause.

Do you feel it? What’s got you thinking, plotting, planning?

Get out that journal. Hash it out on paper. Get the details straight now, because it’s only going to get a hell of a lot more muddied once Mars hits retrograde. And that’s ok – retrograde isn’t all bad. It just means that it might be difficult to get things going and initiate for a period. But don’t get discouraged: there has been a whole lot of inventive and beginning energy floating around the eclipses. Chances are, you are moving past the beginning stages of your projects and into the time of development and action.

Ultimately: You have self-determination. Astrology only shows you a basic outline, some things to be aware of as you move forward. Mars in retrograde is telling you to be wary of sluggishness, of failure to commit.

So this new moon – it’s powerful.

What will I be doing on Thursday? I’ll be cleansing my tarot decks. I’ve been using them a lot, which is fantastic, but it also means that they could use some tlc.

I will also be doing a lot of journaling. So many things have come up in my life, and my career is really lighting on fire right now. I have lots of deep thinking.

State of the Moon is a semi-regular, bi-monthly check in with the universe.


Deck Spotlight on Cosmos: Tarot and Oracle Deck


I love love LOVE this deck!

The basics: Cosmos is a tarot + oracle deck together. That in itself makes this special. On top of that, each card corresponds to a constellation. The oracle deck speaks of the influences of the planets and other major astronomical bodies in our reach. The cards of the Major Arcana have been paired with the zodiac and the ten major constellations, while the Minor Arcana get their own constellation pairings.

This is an absolutely fascinating deck to use to pair with astrological questions! One of my most memorable tarot readings lately was a full zodiac reading for a long-distance friend in NYC. This deck paired so beautifully.


Another part of why I love this deck is the connection to my city. I’m based in Minneapolis, and this deck was a collaboration between 100 international artists and an art lab located here. One of those artists is someone I’ve met before (Trung Nguyen), and I love it when his art comes up in a reading. I feel a very personal connection to this deck.

Of course, each card being drawn by a different artist, and the artists each have their own distinct styles that somehow work together. Many of the cards feel inspired by comics, many of the cards feel like detailed fairy tale illustrations, and still others have a feel of a rich oil painting.

So … what is this playful, complicated deck here to teach me?

Tell me about yourself. 


This is a very hopeful deck, interested in gains and sorting out the negative from the positive. This deck focuses on strengths and strategies for getting what you most need.

What are your strengths as a deck?


… I see what you did there.

What are your limits as a deck?


This deck is perhaps more practical – very helpful for readings that have to do with your external life, but internal life may be a bit shrouded. It is necessary to stare your darkest parts in the face when going through a renewal or transition, and this deck isn’t focused on those things.

What are you here to teach me?


This deck is here to cut through the bullshit. Tone down the drama. Be effective. This deck will point out when you’re lacking initiative, and when you need to move on to new and better things.

How can I best collaborate with you?


This deck will help me to see the inspiration and assistance I need to give. It will help me understand where I’m at in projects, and attack them like the steadfast and confident figure of Piscis Austrinus. This deck will help me to live out my duties with calm reserve.

What will characterize our journey together?


We’re in it for the long haul! Together, we will reap the benefits of hard work and earn accomplishments.

On a personal note, the purchase of this deck marks the time when I started to get really serious about a daily practice. It’s a fairly sassy deck – I mean, strength, hello – but it’s also an absolutely beautiful deck. The personal connection, the connection between this deck and my hometown, the fact that I know some artists who contributed – all of that culminated in me beginning to get over my fear of incorporating tarot more into my life.

I haven’t read many other deck interviews, or seen much in the Tarotverse about this deck, so I’m very curious to hear from readers what you may be thinking about this deck! Let me know in the comments.

You can order your copy of the Cosmos Tarot + Oracle deck here.